Photo Album

2019-2020 Girls Basketball Team— 33. Carolann Cardinale (Sr.) 14. Maddy Duraes (Sr.) 1. Veronica Bento (Sr.) 4. Stephanie Suavito (Sr. 24. Saunti Burton (Sr.) 40. Gianna Martin (Sr.) 22. Maya Kirnon (Jr.) 25. Ashley Fitzgerald (Jr.) 2. Sara Thompson (So.) 15. Ariel Charles (So.) 11. Andrea Manley (So.) 30. Jane Odiari (So.) 32. Kaylee Rossi (Fr.) PHOTOS COURTESY OF JOSEPH PREZIOSO

An EHS player drives to the basket, with a defender bearing down
A Tide player dribbles away from a defender
An EHS player attempts a shot
An EHS player attempts to wrest the ball from a Revere player
An EHS player firmly clutches the basketball and she drives towards the basket
An EHS player protects the ball from a defender
Head coach Tammy Turner looks on from the sideline
A view of an EHS ball-handler, over the shoulder of a defender
An EHS player is closely guarded as she dribbles into the lane
An EHS player makes an acrobatic lay-up attempt
An EHS player passes the ball forward to a teammate, sparking a fast break opportunity
An EHS player dribbles away from two defenders
An EHS player, her head up, dribbles toward a defender
An EHS player dribbles into the open court, two defenders trailing her
An EHS player dribbles way from a defender
An EHS player clutches the ball as a Revere defender tries to force a turnover